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Hi, I'm Steph - founder of  Her Journey
As a Coaching Psychologist, exploring how each one of us can live a meaningful and valued life is my passion.

After taking a career break to raise my new, young family I went back to my roots of academic Psychology, adding to my knowledge base with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology; the science of optimal human functioning. Supported by evidence-based theoretical frameworks and a real personal passion for the subject, what is ‘right’ with us and how we prevent what can become ‘wrong’ with us has fueled my desire to work with people in session.

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My particular interests and experience are for those of us who feel 'stuck' on one side and desire to break through. I am also an accredited Women's coach which marries beautifully with the former in its deep questioning, devoted listening and excellent tools and methods clients can walk away with.

I have felt called to to work with women only as I have a particular interest and heart for specific issues that crop up for women and womanhood on the whole. With a strong belief that our value systems start forming from very early on in life, I am also a certified perinatal mental health practitioner. Our next generation relies on us to steward them well.


So, with a blend of Psychology theory and application, Coaching practice and methodologies plus Counselling skills and ethics, the modalities I offer bring us to deep and effective work in a confidential and non-judgmental space.


On a day to day level I work in my local community as well as offering myself as a present mum to my 8-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl. A healthy and positive family life for ALL involved is where I am currently putting what it means to live a meaningful and valued life to the test!


I know I have certainly found myself in all the above moments! The big questions I have the honour of asking people are questions I have asked myself and continue to do so in order to keep my life on track. I have found it so effective and is why I look forward to working together with you in order for you to do the same too.

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"Before the program I was lacking guidance and motivation in aspects of my life. I decided to work with Steph as I wanted to better myself and get outside my comfort zone in challenging myself. Before the course I wasn’t sure if I had the potential to change or become the leader I wanted to be but Stephanie encouraged, motivated and empowered me to implement everything we spoke about. The biggest result so far is that I have become so confident in my work environment and have achieved growth in my career since the program. I have little self doubt when decision making in work. The thing that made the biggest difference was I believe having Stephanie there to talk through my concerns. The best tool was using the ‘powertypes’ and using that to relate to people. Life now is going really great, I think it’s given me more courage to take then next step in life and move to the UK!"


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