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Using a blend of modalities I partner with women in one-to-one online sessions with a though provoking and creative process designed for transformation.

There seems to come a time for us all where we feel we need to get hold of ourselves and redefine priorities. This can happen at transitional periods of our lives such as new parenthood, career changes, lifestyle upheaval and health evaluations. Sometimes though it is just our body's way of warning us we need to take stock and reconfigure our output into the world. Navigating our way through life's weather in an intentional manner is the key to being able to endure and enjoy all that life has in store for us.

Sometimes we need to go deeper and let go of some of our past and that's ok too. As a trauma informed practitioner I will be there with you in those moments. Our sessions together will equip you with a deeper understanding of how you effectively engage and connect with yourself and with those people and things you hold most dear.
Sessions together will lead to the creation of a clear path for you to move forward in your life with intention and integrity. Below are four areas of transformation I love to work on, which I will tailor fit for you. 


Image by Kalen Emsley

Transformational Women's Coaching

You know something has to change but not sure how to get there. You want to feel more confident and have a feeling of empowerment. Working together we can explore how to live out your purpose without burnout.


Massively Accessible Actions for Change!

Find your passions and regain your confidence while feeling empowered to make a difference in your community. This course is wonderful for all ages looking to build their social connection CV. A Positive Psychology initiative that concludes with an action you will go out into your community with. 

Image by Ömürden Cengiz

Beyond Birth
- Perinatal Mental Health Practitioning

You are adding to your family and know that these formative years are incredibly impactful; for yourself, your existing family and your new bundle on the way. This course focuses on authentic self within parenthood. Wonderful for both individual and group settings.

Image by Mohammad Alizade

Meaning & Valued Living - Positive Psychology Intervention

You've noticed your default mode could be more positive lately and want to get to know yourself on a deeper level. We can choose to think differently and our time together will affect how you feel about life and decision making for the future. 

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