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Meaning & Valued Living - Positive Psychology Coaching

Meaning and Valued Living is a bespoke offering that is at the core of navigating life well through the application of Positive Psychology Coaching.


Positive Psychology coaching is coaching combined with Positive Psychology theory and application. In real terms this means that in session there is direction towards positive change rather than non-directive coaching. A toolkit of scientifically valid measurements and models are used for exploration, which clients find enlightening and interesting. It doesn't seek to negate the negative experiences of life but remind us that life can be positive and we can grow and flourish even still.

This offering is for you if you know there is so much more planned for you but you can't quite reach it. Together we can arm you with confidence in your ability to navigate boldly through decision making and possibly through rough weather; present and future. This is life, right? This approach will highlight your authenticity through the exploration of unique strengths, emotional intelligence and value systems. Sometimes our pasts will catch up with us and we will acknowledge this in session, put systems in place in order to love that part of us and then move forward again still. With this awareness we can embark on a clear path to enhance your experience of life; adding purpose and clear definition to the layers of depth you have within.

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